​​"Architects have to d​ream, search for their Atlantis, to be explorers, adventurers, and yet to build responsibly and well.​" Renzo Piano

​Architects and designers from the studio P.P. Architects s.r.o. will create an architectural design and project documentation on any theme for you — from a small renovation to a large-scale investment construction. We offer the comprehensive services of our architectural studio and design office.

​​Our team members have many years of experience. All of them are seasoned experts in the implementation of architectural and design projects. We are naturally trained in obtaining the necessary permits and dealing with the paperwork as well, so that we can provide our customers with complex services, tailor-made solutions, and high-quality work.

​​We can prepare the design as well as the complete project documentation including the engineering and the author's technical supervision to ensure compliance with the architectural design during its implementation, so that the result fulfills your expectations. Our work is always based on an individual approach to each project. We also make use of our long-term cooperation with experts in stress analysis, building physics, building technology and vegetation, as well as with artists, designers, etc.

​​Your assignment does not need to be limited in any way. Just reach out to us with your idea of a construction or renovation, and we will design and implement it. We consult everything with our clients and always try to find the perfect, most suitable solution. Our architects and designers can handle both small- and large-scale assignments, new constructions and renovations, cultural monuments renovations, and alterations to interiors and public spaces.

​We look forward to our cooperation with you.

​Our most prominent clients include the following organizations and companies: